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By ENT and Allergy Associates of South Georgia
October 14, 2021
Category: Hearing Aids
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earing aids can make your conversations much easier since your companion won't have to repeat every statement. However, how do you know if hearing aids are right for you? Your doctor, Dr. Ronald Allen, Dr. Thomas Phillips, and Dr. Theodore Kanne of ENT and Allergy Associates of South Georgia in Valdosta, GA, offer hearing aids and can help you decide what's best for you.

What Is a Hearing Aid?

Hearing aids are electronic devices that amplify sounds to help you hear better if you've got hearing loss. Parts of a hearing aid include:

  • Microphone
  • Amplifier
  • Speaker

The microphone picks up sounds, converts them to electrical signals, and sends them to the amplifier to increase the sound intensity. The speaker sends the amplified sound to your ear so that you can hear better.

How Hearing Aids Can Help You

Hearing aids work by amplifying sound so that your hair cells can pick them up better. Medications, aging, loud noise, and disease can cause damage to the small sensory cells in your inner ear leading to sensorineural hearing loss. If you've got sensorineural hearing loss, hearing aids can improve your hearing. They amplify sound so that your remaining sensory cells can pick and transmit them.

Getting Hearing Aids

If you've got hearing loss and think that you might need hearing aids in Valdosta, GA, you should see your doctors. Your audiologist will perform hearing tests to determine the cause of your hearing problems. These tests also help your health care provider assess your degree of hearing loss so that you can get the right treatment.

Choosing the Right Hearing Aids

Your audiologist can help you pick out the right hearing aids that can improve your hearing and suit your lifestyle. When you get hearing aids, you must wear them regularly. That's why choosing one that suits your style is vital. Modern hearing aids have sleek designs so you can find one that suits your taste.

Types of hearing aids include:

  • Behind the ear
  • In the ear
  • In the canal
  • Middle ear implant
  • Extended wear
  • Receiver in canal

If you'd like to know if hearing aids in Valdosta, GA, are right for you, call (229) 244-2562 to schedule your consultation with your doctors, Dr. Allen, Dr. Phillips, and Dr. Kanne, of ENT and Allergy Associates of South Georgia.

By ENT and Allergy Associates of South Georgia
May 12, 2020
Category: ENT
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Hearing aids are a wonderful solution to hearing loss and can restore your ability to hear clearly. Hearing loss can occur for many reasons. It can occur naturally with age or be caused by an infection or injury. Long-term exposure to extremely loud sounds can also result in hearing loss. Whatever the cause, if you wear hearing aids it is important to care for them so they continue functioning properly. The doctors and audiologists at ENT and Allergy Associates of South Georgia in Valdosta can keep your hearing aids in good working order by providing specific care recommendations.

Types of Hearing Aids

When hearing loss interferes with the ability to effectively perform or enjoy daily activities, hearing aids can help. We offer several types of hearing aids at our practice in Valdosta. Some hearing aids are worn behind the ear and tend to offer easily adjustable volume control. Other types of hearing aids offer a more discreet look as they are placed just inside the ear or completely in the ear canal. Many hearing aids provide special benefits, such as long battery life, wind suppression, or even Bluetooth connectivity.

Hearing Aid Care

Once you have selected the right hearing aid to meet your needs and preferences, you can keep your hearing aid functioning optimally by caring for it properly. One way to care for hearing aids is to clean them regularly. It is also a good idea to store hearing aids in a safe place when not in use. Other ways to care for your hearing aids include:

  • Handle hearing aids with care and avoid dropping them
  • Gently clean your hearing aids daily to remove ear wax
  • Periodically change the wax filter or guard
  • Regularly change the batteries in your hearing aids
  • Store hearing aids in a safe place when not in use
  • Avoid wearing hearing aids in the bath/shower or when swimming
  • Schedule professional cleanings periodically

Hearing aids can enhance your quality of life by restoring the ability to hear. For the best results, take steps to care for your hearing aids to ensure they continue to function properly. Contact ENT and Allergy Associates of South Georgia in Valdosta with questions about your hearing aids. We can be reached by calling (229) 244-2562.

By ENT and Allergy Associates of South Georgia
August 28, 2019
Category: Otolaryngology
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Nearly 50 million Americans suffer from some form of hearing loss, but only about one-in-five of the people that are eligible for a hearing aid actually use one. While hearing loss tends to be more prominent with age, it does affect people of all ages and backgrounds, from young children to senior citizens. In these situations, hearing aids can drastically improve the quality of life for someone with impaired hearing, from social interactions to academic performance and professional opportunities. The otolaryngologists (ear, nose and throat doctors) here at ENT and Allergy Associates of South Georgia in Valdosta, GA, offer hearing aids and other treatments for hearing loss—read on to learn more!

Frequently Asked Questions about Hearing Aids

Q: Do hearing aids restore hearing ability?

A: While hearing aids don't fully reverse or prevent hearing loss, they do help to amplify sound so that the wearer can communicate more effectively with others.

Q: How do hearing aids work?

A: Depending on the model, hearing aids can be worn inside or outside of the ear. They consist of a microphone that captures and transmits sounds to an amplifier and speaker. Electrical signals create the vibrations that stimulate the hair cells in the inner ear and send neural signals to the brain. Hearing aids are most effective in cases of mild-to-moderate hearing loss, where the damage to the inner ear is not too extensive or severe to successfully pick up and transmit the electrical signals to the brain.

Q: How do I know if I need a hearing aid?

A: If you are experiencing signs and symptoms of hearing loss, a comprehensive hearing test here at our Valdosta office will help to determine the extent and cause of your condition, as well as whether a hearing aid is right for you.

Find an ENT Doctor in Valdosta, GA

For more information about hearing loss diagnosis and treatment options, contact ENT and Allergy Associates of South Georgia today by dialing (229) 244-2562.

By ENT and Allergy Associates of South Georgia
February 21, 2019
Category: Hearing Aids
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If you've been experiencing a decline in your hearing, you know how frustrating it can be to try to decipher what others are saying. Whether hearing lossit's in public or at home, hearing loss can definitely take a toll on your mental health. In fact, untreated loss of hearing has been associated with anxiety, depression, and a decline in cognition. Fortunately, if you're in Valdosta, Georgia, the physicians at ENT and Allergy Associates of South Georgia can help you. Read on to learn about what causes hearing loss and how it's treated!

What causes hearing loss?

One of the most common reasons why people seek help from their Valdosta ENT for hearing loss is due to the natural process of aging. Known as presbycusis, this type of hearing loss is caused by a gradual deterioration of the nerve pathways that lead to the ear. Diseases of the middle or inner ear, such as otosclerosis or Ménière's disease, are also known to cause hearing loss. Repeated exposure to loud noises, such as jet engines or speakers at concerts, can reduce your hearing capabilities over time. There are even certain medications, in particular chemotherapy drugs, that include hearing loss as a side effect.

How is hearing loss treated?

The first step to managing hearing loss is to call ENT and Allergy Associates of South Georgia in Valdosta in order to set up an appointment with one of our physicians. A full examination of your ear and discussion of your medical history will help determine the cause of your hearing loss and the best treatment for it. If you have an infection within the ear, medication often resolves the problem. However, most types of permanent hearing loss are caused by neural pathway degeneration or inner ear damage, thus requiring the use of hearing aids to achieve treatment. By working with a professional team of hearing specialists, you can be assured that your hearing aids will be comfortable to wear and custom-calibrated for your specific needs.

To schedule an appointment with one of our physicians, contact ENT and Allergy Associates of South Georgia's Valdosta office today at (229) 244-2562.

By ENT and Allergy Associates of South Georgia
June 05, 2017
Category: ENT
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If you want to hear your loved ones more clearly find out which hearing aid will help make this possible.hearing aids

Are you sick and tired of asking people to repeat themselves all the time? Have you been trying to deny that you need a hearing aid? While most people hate the idea of losing their hearing and often want to put off wearing a hearing aid, it’s a lot more frustrating when you realize you can’t actively be part of conversations with friends and families. If this is happening to you, our Valdosta, GA, otolaryngologists offer a wide variety of hearing aids from which to choose:


This is a great option for someone dealing with mild to moderate forms of hearing loss. This hearing aid is customized to fit within the ear canal, but a bit of the hearing aid still sits in the outer ear. Some in-the-canal hearing aids can also provide wireless connectivity as well as offer relief for those suffering from tinnitus (a condition that causes ringing in the ears).


Many people suffering from mild to severe hearing loss like this design because it’s completely invisible, besides the small handle that you will use to take it out of your ear. This can also be a great option for those suffering from tinnitus. In order to get a hearing aid with the ideal fit, this hearing aid is custom-made to just for you.


Another option for those with mild to severe forms of hearing loss, the invisible-in-the-canal style is tiny and meant to be worn without other people noticing. Just like most hearing aids, this style is also custom-made to fit your ear. Since this hearing aid will sit a bit further in the ear canal, you don’t have to worry about other people noticing your hearing aid. This hearing aid is particularly popular here at our Valdosta ENT office.


This style of hearing aid actually sits on the outside of the ear, while the receiver fits into the ear canal. This is another option for those dealing with mild to severe hearing loss. Even though part of the hearing aid sits behind the ear, it’s very subtle. Most people won’t even notice it. One benefit of this style is that it can be a pretty powerful device when it comes to amplifying sound.


These custom-made instruments are placed into the ear, but may still be a bit visible. Of course, this style makes it easy to work with and offers a simple, easy way to be able to control your hearing aid. Since the device is only sitting in the outer ear it’s also easy to insert and take out when you want.


This style will sit behind the ear while the aid itself sits in the ear canal. This is a great option for patients of all ages and for those dealing with varying degrees of hearing loss. Even though this style is more visible than other options out there, it is sometimes better able to amplify sounds than other designs.

Are you ready to be your talkative self again? Want to understand what your kids or grandkids are saying? Want to be able to hear friends or your date while out at a restaurant? Then call ENT and Allergy Associates of South Georgia today and let our doctors know that you are interested in a hearing aid consultation in Valdosta, GA.

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