The Hearing Center

Virginia "Jenny" Carroll, Au.D.

Comprehensive hearing care for all ages

Dr. Carroll - Audiologist in Valdosta, GA

Virginia Carroll, Doctor of Audiology has her office conveniently located in the ENT and Allergy Associates of South Georgia office. 

She is a native of Valdosta, Georgia, and is a certified and Georgia state licensed audiologist that has been serving the community for more than a decade. Dr. Carroll works closely with onsite ENT physicians in the diagnosis and management of hearing and balance disorders.

Our care is tailored to each individual to help him or her achieve the goal of an improved quality of life through better hearing.  We pride ourselves on being small enough to give individualized service, yet large enough to accommodate each patient's specific hearing needs.




Our Audiology Services

  • Access to various hearing devices by top manufacturers, including the latest in digital technology
  • Competitive hearing device pricing, including a 30-day satisfaction period
  • Cleanings and repairs on all makes and models of hearing devices
  • Custom ear molds, hearing protection, devices, musicians earplugs, and swim plugs
  • Complete Hearing Healthcare, including batteries, supplies, and assistive listening devices (including Bluetooth*)

Why Doctors Hearing Center....

At Doctors Hearing Center, you'll receive professional hearing healthcare from a Doctor of Audiology. Dr. Carroll is a native of Valdosta and has been serving the community for over a decade. It is her mission to promote hearing health and wellness within the South Georgia Region.

Working closely with the physicians on site at ENT and Allergy Associates of South Georgia, the entire staff provides quality products and services for all patients, plus solutions for all lifestyles, needs and budgets.

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